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Things to Do Along the Georgia Coast

Enjoy a variety of attractions when you stay with Georgia Coast Vacations.


Coastal Georgia is steeped in human and natural history. Since the first human inhabitants colonized the coast, man and the abundant natural resources found here have been inexorably linked. A visit to one or more sites along the Colonial Coast Birding Trail will provide you with the opportunity to see and enjoy the beauty of a kaleidoscope of birds and glimpse the fascinating history of this land and its residents.

Boat Tours and excursions

Captain Virginia Baisden offers boat explorations of Georgia's Barrier Islands, Marshes and Rivers. Clients who use her services include Nature Lovers, Birders, Hikers, Explorers, Artists, and Photographers.

Fort King George

Fort King George is the oldest English fort remaining on Georgia's coast. During the 1720s and 30s, the fort was the Southern outpost of the British Empire. After several hardships such as disease, threats of Spanish & Indian attacks, and harsh coastal weather, the fort was abandoned. In 1925 the fort became a lumber export center for a short time until it was turned into a historic site open for public tours.

Hofwyl - Broadfield Plantation

On Georgia's historic rice coast, the Hofwyl - Broadfield Plantation represents the history and culture of the area. The Plantation started farming rice in the early 1800s but saw a decline in demand during the civil war. The Plantation was given to the state of Georgia in 1973 and is now used as an educational museum for people visiting the area.


The small city of Darien, near the mouth of the Altamaha River, is ideally situated for exploring the Georgia coast’s barrier islands and the network of river islands and creeks of the lower Altamaha.

Old Jail Art Center and Museum

The Old Jail Art Center and Museum is an old jail and art museum mixed into one. This free-admission museum features spotlight artists, historical exhibits, and an art-themed gift shop. They also offer educational art classes that promote visual arts.

Sapelo Island

Sapelo is a state-managed barrier island, the fourth largest in the chain of coastal Georgia islands between the Savannah and St. Marys rivers. Accessible only by passenger ferry, Sapelo provides a number of public access recreational and educational opportunities. A tour of Sapelo Island is a highlight for anyone visiting the Georgia coast and not to be missed.

Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve

The Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve stretches along the western perimeter of Sapelo. The reserve focuses on research, stewardship, education, and sound management of coastal resources. They invite visitors to take a tour of the reserve and discover the island's breathtaking natural ecosystems.

Sapelo Island Tours with JR Grovner

Discover the beauty of Sapelo Island by taking a tour with JR Grovner, an experienced tour guide and Sapelo Island native. On this colorful tour, you will visit the tabby ruins of an old French estate, discover Native American Shell Mounds, and explore the newly-restored Sapelo Lighthouse.
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